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Privacy Policy

​​​​The most important terms of this policy are as follows:

The beneficiary of a system or service must be authorized to obtain the required data in order to receive an updated version of the data.

The beneficiaries of a service should maintain the confidentiality and privacy of data. They are not entitled to trade data or redistribute it to any third party without the written consent of KHAYAL.

The beneficiaries must strictly give the right to access and inquire data to the fewest number of employees; only affording this privilege to employees whose nature of work requires access to the data and have enough authorization to do so.

The beneficiaries of online services are subject to a random check to make sure of the application of the terms of this policy.

KHAYAL refers to the source of data for approval before running any service or project that includes new or exceptional cases not covered by this policy.

The right to access data at KHAYAL is limited toauthorized persons only.